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Conditioning Services can be performed on site, often while your system is running thus avoiding any costly downtime.
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It doesn’t make much sense to put newly cleaned oil back into a dirty system. Over time, dirt, grit and even water can accumulate in the nooks and crannies of lubricant circulating systems. Likewise, it would not be prudent to put fresh oil into a newly constructed system or after modifications or updates to existing systems. Dirt and debris from construction along with welding slag needs to be flushed out prior to charging the system with lubricating fluid. 
We have the equipment and expertise flush and clean reservoirs, gear boxes, turbine coolers, hydraulic systems, storage tanks and other lubricant circulating systems. Older system designs collect contaminants in the reservoir. Low fluid velocity allows contaminants to settle in piping as well. Lack of sufficient filtration intensifies the accumulation effect. These layers of contaminants will  occasionallyrip off and could result in breakdown and/orfailure. In some cases, it is more cost-efficient to perform periodic cleaning (such as a proactive flushing) instead of a costly upgrade or a complete modification of the system. In many cases we are able to flush a system and clean the oil in use simultaneously and often while the system continues to run thus avoiding costly down time.
Another time to consider system flushing is after a system breakdown or failure. In most cases, contaminants from breakdowns are spread throughout the system. Although some contaminants may be removed by an in-line return filter (with by-pass) and some settle in the reservoir, the whole system should be flushed.